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The tavern’s ability to secure attendees will require effective promotions. Even though Mahone’s Tavern is on the Virginia Civil War Trail and 1831 Southampton Insurrection Trail, other forms of advertising need to be employed to draw visitors to this center for Southampton County’s Civil War experience. Since Major General William Mahone is a very well-known Civil War participant, efforts should be made to promote Mahone’s multi-faceted career as a ‘hook’ bringing more visitors to the museum.

Stories about Mahone and Southampton County’s role in the Civil War are valuable lessons; however, they can only be told if people come to the museum. An effort should be made to promote the tavern:

  1. Create web site promoting tavern as a center for Southampton Civil War history, and that also presents the life and career of William Mahone.

  2. Publish brochure marketing the tavern as a museum

  3. Produce publications and multi-media material highlighting William Mahone.

  4. Install trailblazing signs guiding travelers to the tavern.

  5. Promote tavern with SCV and CWRT groups

A partnership should be established between the Southampton County Historical Society (representing Ag Museum, Rebecca Vaughan House, Rochelle-Prince House and Museum of Southampton History) and the Rawls Art Museum to promote visitation to Courtland. Signs advertising these institutions should be placed on I-95, I-664 and Rt. 58. Such joint advertising would be a cost savings and could focus marketing along the 58 corridor and I-95 (Skippers Welcome Center).