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Goals & Objectives Cover
Goals & Objectives

Goals & Objectives Cover
Goals & Objectives

Goals & Objectives

Preserve and Rehabilitate Mahone’s Tavern to National Register of Historic Places Standards.

1. Employ architect to plan rehabilitation:

a) Identify key rehabilitation needs
b) Develop preservation maintenance schedule
c) Plan room use to support collection management, educational activities and exhibits
d) Develop parking plan
e) Obtain parking agreement
f) Complete archaeological survey
g) Design and implement landscaping plan

2. Establish Interpretive Plan:

a) Design exhibit layout
b) Write exhibit text and select/secure artifacts
c) Prepare educational SOL-based and adult programs: 

     1) Provide Civil War Soldiers Life for 5, 8 and 11 grades programs for local schools.
     2) Publish biography of the life of William Mahone
     3) Produce documentary detailing the life of Major General William Mahone
     4) Partner with local college to present annual seminar presenting Civil War themes.
     5) Present bus tours exploring regional Civil War sites.

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