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Mahone’s Tavern & Museum, Inc. was established in 2008 to foster the preservation, restoration, and presentation of Mahone’s Tavern in order to identify and present not only the historically significant incidents which occurred at the Tavern, but also to learn of the endeavors and achievements of the people who lived there, and their importance and influence upon events in our community, our state, and our nation.

While our initial efforts focused on purchasing the property, which we completed in 2013, we now face the monumental tasks of not only restoring the structure itself, but also of building a quality Museum, including obtaining objects for displays and designing and implementing programs to relay the history of the Tavern and its inhabitants to the people of our community, state, and nation. YOU can help to make it happen! There are many ways that you can support Mahone’s Tavern and Museum, including:

  1. Volunteer your time in support of our mission.
  2. Donate artifacts, research information, or pictures, etc.
  3. Help create displays
  4. Financially sponsor displays
  5. Help with fundraising events  - see EVENT SCHEDULE on GET INVOLVED page
  6. Make a monetary tax deductible contribution

If you or your Organization would like to volunteer your time or needed materials to help restore and preserve the Historic Mahone’s Tavern, or make a tax deductible contribution (EIN 26-3978517) to help fund the restoration and preservation work on the Tavern, please send your contact information to the following mailing address and you will be contacted by one of our Board members promptly. Please send to:

Mahone’s Tavern & Museum, Inc.
Post Office Box 565
Courtland, VA  23837

Please be sure to include your name, organization name (if applicable), Email address, mailing address, and telephone or cell phone number. Also let us know what you would like to do, or have us do for you, and the most convenient way we can respond to you: Email, phone (home or cell), or US mail.

We anticipate establishing an Email address once we get our website up, and also plan on establishing a PayPal account to facilitate our donation process. These items should both be in place shortly, and this page will be updated upon completion. Until then, please contact us through the mailing address, and we will respond to you promptly.

Thank you for visiting Mahone’s Tavern and Museum’s website, and we hope to see you soon. Your interest and support is greatly appreciated. Your comments on our webpage would also be greatly appreciated, as there’s always room for improvement! 

All donations will be acknowledged with an appropriate receipt that can be used to document your tax deductible contribution to Mahone’s Tavern and Museum, Inc., a 501 (C) (3) tax exempt Public Charitable Organization (please see our GET INVOLVED tab for further information).

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